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About Us

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School (MMEHS) is a unique non-profit-making, comprehensive, co-educational boarding school established in September 2004 to break new grounds in the area of facilitating and actualising the potential of its students.

It is our conviction that the products of this school would be articulate, focussed and endowed youth who are fully developed academically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, youth who would, between two diverged roads in a wood, take the less travelled by in order to make all the difference – unique personalities. MMEHS is a student-centred school where the classroom, dormitory, the refectory, the sports field, the laboratories and workshops are structured to give the best to the students.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is broad and well grounded to equip our students for a life of excellence and a better appreciation of humanity. It is based on the current UBE system of education. Our students are adequately prepared for the BECE…

Students' Welfare

The School has a fully fledged Students Affairs Unit that attends to the complaints of students. Through this Unit, the students are given access to their parents/guardians. The Unit controls the entry and exit of students…

Academic Facilities

Our academic facilities are first class. Our conventional library is rich and stocked with relevant and recent books on sciences, arts, commercial, vocational, technology and other areas of general interest…


Executive Director & Principal

Emmanuel Asiegbu

Emmanuel Asiegbu

Vice Principal (Academic Studies)


Angela Rich-Adigun

Angela Rich-Adigun

College Secretary



Although I live in US, the quality of education my child is receiving at MMEHS is comparable with what is obtainable in my place of residence.

– Anthony Nwaigwe

My experience at MMEHS cannot be expressed enough with words. The only thing I can say is that MMEHS is a gift from God to man especially for us here in Nigeria. God bless MMEHS.

– Emmanuel Emeka

At first I could not believe that one could find the quality of education as obtained in MMEHS, but the performance of my children has proven me wrong. God bless MMEHS, you have provided me with what I was searching for aboard.

– Mrs. Grace Chime

MMEHS for me is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It provided me the opportunity to give my children world class education and the only thing I can say is God bless MMEHS.

– Mr. Clement Jonathan

Our Goal

The major goal of MMEHS is to equip its students, utilising its abundant facilities, with all they require to live a useful life in any part of the world.

The School


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Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Ojiagu-Agbani, PMB 01610 Enugu Nigeria.